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Microsoft 365 Solutions

Start leveraging the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform toolkit to transform the way you work with documents, data and business processes.

Your journey towards better use of Microsoft 365, better ROI from your licensing and better ways of working starts with identifying outdated and inefficient processes that can be improved using the Microsoft 365 tools at your disposal.

Our Microsoft 365 Solution services help you get started on this journey. Working with you we leverage Microsoft 365 and Power Platform capabilities to transform key processes, then provide support as you deploy new solutions and adopt new ways of working.

Our approach

We typically start by leveraging the tools and capabilities already available to you – to minimise complexity, simplify adoption of new processes, and maximise ROI from your existing licensing investment. We also explain and demonstrate any additional capabilities and benefits worth considering, for example Power Platform tools for more powerful data storage, workflows, app development and data modelling & reporting. We focus on delivering value in the short term while positioning you to take advantage of more sophisticated capabilities in future.

Our services

We can take you from initial experimentation and proof of concept solutions to sophisticated solutions supporting complex business processes, with services including:

  • Process mapping and redesign;
  • User stories, scenarios and use cases to inform process transformation and solution design;
  • Proof of concept solutions to support Microsoft 365 strategy or specific business cases;
  • Solution design, build, deployment and support using Microsoft 365 and Power Platform services;
  • Microsoft 365 solutions readiness assessment and technical consultancy.
Our work

We have delivered Microsoft 365-based solutions across a range of business areas, including:

  • Project management: solutions to support the delivery of complex programmes of work, including action trackers and secure collaboration with external stakeholders using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint;
  • Employee experience: corporate intranets, enterprise social networks, induction and onboarding solutions using SharePoint, Lists and Power Apps;
  • Front-line workers: solutions to facilitate information capture, sharing, document retrieval and approval requests for on-site/on-the-go employees with access to mobile devices using SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate;
  • Document management: solutions for managing audited and controlled documentation using SharePoint, Power Automate for single & multi-stage approval workflows, Power Apps for streamlined mobile access and Power BI for reporting;
  • Business process automation: solutions to streamline and support a wide range of business process requirements across finance, procurement, HR, IT, and field and office based operations using Microsoft Forms, SharePoint Lists and Power Automate;
  • Business intelligence: solutions to facilitate data interpretation, visualisation and interaction to provide improved data insights and reporting using Power BI and Excel.
Examples of our work

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