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We Help Microsoft Customers And Partners Unlock The Full Potential Of Office 365

Technology + Adoption = Business Value

As with any technology, the value of Office 365 increases as it’s adopted by users and embedded into processes. Don’t leave this to chance. Our services take care of the non-technical aspects of Office 365, supporting you at each stage to ensure your licensing and technical investments deliver the outcomes and ROI you’re targeting.

Maximise Your Office 365 ROI

Office 365 projects typically start with a focus on technical and licensing requirements – and often fail to look beyond these factors.

While these are clearly key considerations, both in terms of your investment in Office 365 and the outcomes you can expect in return, they are not the most important factors driving ROI.

The real value of Office 365 lies in the new and better ways of working it enables – which means looking beyond technology & licensing inputs to adoption & business value outcomes if you want to maximise ROI from Office 365.

The technical and financial benefits of Office 365 are far outweighed by the potential benefits arising from effective adoption and usage of its capabilities.

Your Office 365 Adoption & Business Value Partner

We help Microsoft customers and partners unlock the full potential of Office 365. Our specialist services support and inform your technical workstreams and licensing decisions – building in adoption & business value considerations from the outset to ensure your Office 365 strategy, activities and investments deliver the outcomes and ROI you’re targeting.

With You At Every Step

We support at each stage of the Office 365 journey. Our services supplement and extend your internal and existing partner capabilities, and our approach aligns and leverages with Microsoft’s methodology and FastTrack resources.

Comprehensive Services Tailored To Your Requirements
Office 365
Strategy & Roadmap
Research and consultancy services to shape your Office 365 strategy:
  • Current vs. future state assessment & envisioning
  • Office 365 strategy & roadmap
  • Personas, scenarios and use cases
  • Office 365 licensing and workload strategy
  • Success criteria and KPIs; measurement & reporting strategy.
Adoption &
Change Management
Advisory, coordination and implementation services covering:
  • Communications, sponsorship, coaching, training, change network, resistance management, adoption measurement, rewards & recognition
  • Data-driven reporting to track, inform and reinforce change
  • Delivered using Microsoft ACM methodology.
Get More from
Office 365
Analytics and consultancy services to optimise your Office 365 investment:
  • Increase adoption & usage of existing licensing and workloads
  • Define ‘what next’ for your Office 365 strategy & roadmap
  • Optimise usage and license consumption through analytics
  • Extend Office 365 with Microsoft and 3rd party applications & services.
We’ve Helped Organisations Large And Small Maximise ROI From Office 365

Equipping You For Long-Term Office 365 Success

Office 365 is continually evolving, expanding and improving – meaning new capabilities and opportunities, alongside the need to support adoption and manage change on an ongoing basis. We equip you with the models and the skills required to drive long-term success and value from your Office 365 investment.


Designing Office 365 to meet user & operational needs


We build ‘people & process’ thinking into your Office 365 strategy, to ensure your technology investment delivers targeted outcomes and better ways of working.


Aligning multiple stakeholders to deliver Office 365 success


We coordinate internal and external teams, and introduce collaborative, cross-functional thinking and processes to implement and manage your Office 365 strategy.


Evidence-based Office 365 strategy and management


We incorporate both qualitative data and analytics into the planning and ongoing management of Office 365 – to optimise adoption, usage and license consumption.


Flexible services and support, tailored to needs and budget


We supplement and extend your existing internal and 3rd party resources, and leverage and align with Microsoft’s FastTrack resources and methodology.


Start small with Office 365 - then test, refine and expand


Our adoption & change models are designed to scale up from PoC to enterprise deployment phases, and to accommodate new Office 365 workloads and use cases.


From short-term focus to continuous improvement


We don’t make ourselves indispensable. We ‘teach you how to fish’ – building your skills and establishing a sustainable model for Office 365 adoption & change.

Supporting Microsoft Customers & Partners

Whether engaged directly or alongside a Microsoft partner, we work as an extension of your project team to provide specialist Office 365 adoption & business value advice and services.

For Microsoft Customers

We bring experience and hands-on, practical expertise to your Office 365 project – either to support at a particular stage or to design, plan and coordinate your end-to-end project.
Supplement internal and partner skillsets and services
Ensure adoption & business value considerations are front and centre in your Office 365 strategy
Flexible engagement model – services can be dialled up or down according to requirements
We leverage appropriate FastTrack resources and follow Microsoft guidelines and best practices.

For Microsoft Partners

Our specialist services can be delivered direct or white-labelled to expand your portfolio, add capacity, support your business development activities and increase revenues.
Pre-sales / business development and professional services for LSPs, resellers and ISVs
Specialist input to Microsoft-funded engagements
Analytics and consultancy to assess, track and drive consumption of Office 365 licensing
Focused service toolkit: we don’t deliver technical services or sell Microsoft licensing.

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