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Mobile solution for on-site engineer health & safety packs

Project Overview

We worked with a project delivery team to transform and digitise their manual and paper-based method for distributing and collecting worker Health and Safety briefing packs on site.

Microsoft 365 Services
SharePoint Online
Power BI


Replace outdated pen and paper-based process

Our customer was looking to move away from paper-based forms used for briefing engineers on-site during project delivery. This manual method based on printing and collecting Health and Safety packs for engineers was creating large admin overhead to distribute, collect and process forms across hundreds of projects. Many forms were being lost when stored and transported with vans to various offices.

Due to complexities in printing and distribution, site engineers would often wait for hours before getting briefed on daily procedures and signing their Health and Safety packs for the day, and the coronavirus pandemic made things worse with requirements for safe distancing and the need to avoid sharing pens and paper amongst staff members.

The aforementioned issues, accelerated by the pandemic, led the project delivery team to seek a digital platform that would transform the way Health and Safety brief packs would be managed across all sites.


Mobile solution to digitally transform the process

After engaging with project admins, managers and engineers we designed a mobile solution based on the Microsoft 365 platform to address the customer’s needs.

  • The solution leveraged Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Power Platform tools to create:
    A digital database of metadata-rich Health and Safety brief packs (documents) stored in SharePoint Lists and grouped per project
  • Power App that engineers could use on site to search for, save and submit completed Health and Safety documents
  • OneDrive mobile app that engineers could use to update and save their documents for offline use
  • Power Automate workflows that managed the employee file request and submission, as well as project admin notifications
  • Power BI reporting toolkit that enabled admins to keep track of Health and Safety packs available, vs. requested vs. submitted/completed.


Streamlined process and better user experience

Our solution improved all aspects of the previously manual process whilst resulting in a better user experience for front-line workers.

  • 40% increase in the total number of completed documents submitted within a year
  • Savings from printing ranging from £1,000 to £10,000 per project
  • Time spent for managing packs reduced from 150 to 1500 man hours per project
  • Reporting data accuracy reduced to 24 hours down from 1 week
  • Safety packs available within 5 minutes on site via the app vs. several hours in the past due to preparation and distribution of paper method.

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