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Fatigue management solution to improve driver safety

Project Overview

We worked with our customer’s Driver Safety and Fatigue Management teams to develop a new process and Microsoft 365-based solution to support driver risk assessments and improve driver safety.

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Reducing risks of accident or injury

Due to the nature of the work carried out by our customer who operate a large fleet of vehicles to support a nationwide team of engineers, they needed to proactively monitor and manage fatigues levels to reduce the risk of accident or injury.

The Fatigue Management Team required a solution to manage the risk assessment aspect of the wider fatigue management process – specifically for those engineers identified as requiring a Stage 2 or 3 risk assessment if they are expected to exceed 1 hours total working time during a given shift or feeling signs of fatigue.


Streamlining the fatigue management risk assessment process

After engaging with relevant business stakeholders to define and prioritise requirements and user stories, the Betterworking team designed a solution using the Microsoft 365 platform.

The solution leverages Microsoft SharePoint, Forms, Outlook and Power Automate tools to create an automated Fatigue Management Assessment system consisting of separate but interconnected stages.

The initial assessment is undertaken by Service Centre Staff and based on the responses this may automatically trigger a secondary assessment stage performed by the Duty Manager on duty at that time. The system incorporated the following solution components:

  • A database for storing engineer fatigue management assessment records and consisting of multiple SharePoint Lists, each mapped against a different process stage but all related to each other via a unique Case ID number;
  • A combination of Microsoft Forms and SharePoint List Forms for capturing inputs during Fatigue Management Assessments, which provided a simple to use interface and supported mobile access for Managers on the go;
  • A set of Power Automate workflows which performed key automation tasks including:
    • Capturing data from input Forms, storing information in the appropriate SharePoint Lists and mapping it against the correct Case ID;
    • Triggering secondary assessments and notifying the Duty manager via email with instructions when the case required;
    • Providing email notifications to Service Centre Staff, Engineers and Duty Managers when a case was closed;
    • Performing checks against Case IDs inputted on Forms and notifying Admins when a wrong input was identified to prevent database errors;
  • A dashboard in SharePoint which provided Service Centre Staff and System Admins with easy access to all system tools and data tables, as well as process instructions and guidance.


Streamlined process to support better data capture, reporting and actions

The new Microsoft 365-based solution has transformed the previous inefficient and labour-intensive process, delivering the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Single online and easily accessible source of all information relating to a risk assessment case;
  • Enables automatic escalation when needed to the Duty Manager;
  • The rich data captured against each case enables the identification of fatigue trends within projects, job roles or individuals;
  • Supports root cause investigation and resolution;
  • Automated workflows improves efficiency and saves time by removing the need for emails and calls;
  • Process provides a formal end-to-end record of each cased including discussion and any advice provided, should this be required for audit purposes;
  • All data has accurate date and time stamps identifying who actioned what and when;
  • Only one click away from the data with easy access from mobile and tablets for those on the move.
“The implementation of this solution allows us to capture real time fatigue risk assessment information, providing single source data outcome in one place, making it an easier and more efficient process to monitor and manage the risk of fatigue in the workplace.”

Head of Driver Safety

As a result of the Fatigue Management process, of which this solution was a part, our customer was a finalist in the 2022 Fleet News Wellbeing award.

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