Inspiring Yammer Adoption within a Global Intranet Programme

With only modest take up of Yammer across its 70,000 employee base following a ‘viral adoption’ approach, Betterworking was engaged by FTSE 100 brewer SABMiller to build awareness and usage, and help position Yammer as a core part of their global intranet programme.


The first part of the brief was to assess activity and usage levels, seek out examples of good practice, identify key superusers, and to build an adoption plan based on real data and linked to business strategy. In addition we were asked to support some key activities and events including Yammer’s use at the Global Strategy Forum, the Sustainable Development team’s use of Yammer, and the annual employee technology fair with Yammer as a key part of the pre-event comms and activities on the day.


Our first step was to map the current Yammer landscape through a combination of reviewing on-platform activity, analysing back-end data using a specialist business intelligence tool and speaking with a number of superusers. From this we produced a detailed assessment report including:

  • Activity and adoption levels and trends for Yammer since launch
  • Identification and analysis of key communities, groups and networks
  • Identification of key individual contributors and influencers
  • Analysis of topic and sentiment trends
  • Identification and analysis of current high value use cases

Having identified the current key contributors and the best examples of Yammer delivering business value, we interviewed the ‘owners’ of these successful initiatives and produced these as case studies to be shared on and off platform.

The data and recommendations from the assessment report were fed into the strategy and roadmap for Yammer within the wider global intranet strategy. The key objective was to embed Yammer as the company’s ‘business networking tool’ – with a particular focus on Yammer serving as the community component of the new SharePoint intranet. We supported this strategy through advisory work and a series of activities and events.


Our initial assessment provided deep insights into who, how, where and why Yammer was being used across the organisation, and provided a solid foundation on which to build the roadmap and track progress. We provided advice and counsel to our client who was leading on the development of a strategy for a complex intranet programme involving a wide range of internal and external stakeholders and agendas.

Our recommendation to use Yammer as the primary promotional and comms platform for the high profile annual employee technology fair was a complete success. We overachieved on all the KPI’s the client set, generating a more than 300% increase in Yammer activity.

Yammer was used pre-event to build real buzz around the event and the Global IS roadmap, both promoting the event and encouraging real debate around its content, whilst demonstrating the power of the social tool at the same time.

#yammerwin stories were shared pre, during and post event, giving colleagues real, inspiring ‘art of the possible’ stories from early adopters. At the event we hosted a ‘Yammer Genius Bar’ which generated hundreds of discussions leading to over 25 great new use cases, and answering fears and concerns of people from all departments and levels who wanted to know more.