Engagement and adoption programme to support global Yammer launch

We helped the Head of Internal Communications integrate an enterprise social network into their communications and collaboration mix, using platform data and research to create a clear Yammer strategy, including core use cases, and successful community adoption and engagement plan across a global FMCG company.


Following initial viral adoption of Yammer, the Head of Internal Communications asked Betterworking to support the official global rollout of the premium Yammer platform across the organisation. Initially 7,000 employees were using the platform out of 36,000 globally, and the challenge we faced was to plan and launch a 3-month activation plan in order to support the use of the premium platform across the organisation.


We carried out an initial landscape analysis, clarifying levels of adoption and participation, group activity and any potential barriers to adoption. With the right data, it was then possible to break down users in terms of their participation:

  • Creators
  • Participators
  • Spectators
  • Inactive
  • Non-members

Our approach was based on this ‘ladder’ methodology, which identifies employees’ levels of participation with the aim to segment and structure our communications and measurement, allowing us to reach out to the right users with the right message. By starting at the top of the ladder, we were able to interact with potential champions in order to encourage a change in culture that filtered down through the participation levels.

Our data driven approach allowed us to suspend activities without any disruption to the rollout programme when barriers were encountered – a browser-related technical issue was discovered during the process, but having identified this we were able to pause activities as required in order to avoid pushing poor user experience onto employees before the problem was solved. Our programme could be restarted without having been disrupted.


Our landscape analysis research gave the Head of Internal Communications a clear picture of the organisation’s current situation for official roll-out. We clarified the vision, strategy and key messages for Yammer as a tool to connect employees; for them to learn from each other, and to collaborate globally and locally.

The education process is ongoing, allowing employees to connect globally, share successes and collaborate on strategic corporate projects. On our recommendation, the business has now hired a full-time Community Manager.

During the three month activation period:

  • Over 2,000 new members signed up to use the platform
  • Email campaigns activated an additional 1,300 ‘dormant’ accounts
  • The number of ‘creators’ quadrupled following communications to creators, participators and spectators
  • The number of overall posts per week increased 200%.