Breaking down silos with Newsgator – from design to launch in just six weeks

A project to design, build, prepare the business and launch a global Newsgator platform in just six weeks, designed to break down silos and build cross-company relationships and ideas that deliver business results.


The Corporate Communications Director of this global FMCG business asked us to work with his IT team in Geneva to design, develop and launch a global employee social networking platform based on NewsGator (now Sitrion) and SharePoint in six weeks. The platform was to fit in with existing internal communications channels such as the magazine and a new intranet platform.


Working between London and Geneva required a great deal of agility in our approach, especially due to the project’s very tight deadline. We designed and developed the platform in line with strict corporate brand guidelines as requested by the client. After kick-off in July, the platform was piloted to 600 early users in August, before a full global roll-out in September within the six-week time frame.

We drew on our previous in-house and consultancy experience in order to deliver the very best and latest advice relevant to the project when providing governance, best practice recommendations, community management guidelines and advice on senior stakeholding reporting. We also launched communications collateral including a launch video, a series of how-to videos and educational collateral. The content was designed for employees, key stakeholders and strategic community owners.


Despite the tight timescale and geographical constraints, the platform successfully launched on time and on budget and exceeded targets with over 3,000 active users per week after just one month. The client (Corporate Communications Director and guardian of this high end, global brand) was delighted with the look and feel of the platform which felt “slick and premium” very much reflecting the brand’s values.

Hitting the deadline for this project was absolutely critical to prove to the international markets that Group IT and Corp Comms could take the brief, and deliver a complex implementation on time and on budget, taking into account the broad range of global and local, organisational and user requirements.