Working smarter, with Jive at the heart of the operation

F1F9 is the world’s leading financial model building and training firm, with both UK and offshore operations and with clients spanning the globe. Having invested in Jive as a core digital platform, the company’s CEO asked Betterworking to explore opportunities to embed Jive into key business processes and establish a direction for smarter working using digital tools.


From an initial briefing meeting Betterworking identified that, while Jive could be be used to support and enhance any number of business processes, the most effective way to quickly deliver value was to focus on a specific ‘mission critical’ use case.

Collaboration around sales opportunities – and proposal development in particular – is a key process and one which we believed could be well supported by Jive.

In addition, the leadership team wanted to explore the potential of extending Jive’s capabilities through integration with an enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution, as well as opportunities to connect Jive to other applications and position Jive as the central digital destination for all colleagues.


Aligned with the CEO’s vision and direction, we developed a robust methodology for assessing the various different options of using Jive alongside MS Office to support sales proposal generation.

These options included:

  • Using Jive native docs to replace sales proposals document creation previously carried out via MS Office
  • Using MS Office as the tool for document creation and supporting that with Jive’s file storage and sharing capabilities, and
  • Moving part of the collaborative online experience in Jive to the end-user’s desktop via the Jive for Office add-on.

Zooming out from the particular process of sales proposal generation and looking across the wider context of cloud-based file-sync-and-sharing, we also investigated the potential of using Citrix ShareFile and/or Google Drive as external storage options working alongside Jive to deliver improved file sharing capabilities to the end-user.


Our robust assessment approach highlighted that using Jive for Office to bridge together the document editing capabilities in MS Office with the document sharing and collaboration capabilities in Jive would be the most effective way to optimise the business’ sales proposal generation process.

To support this business process change we produced a ‘How-To’ guide for Jive for Office for employees, with the CEO also ‘leading by example’. This new process is now standardised across the company and will be replicated in other key business areas geared towards document collaboration.

Having implemented an approach that embeds Jive into core business processes, we’ve helped set the direction for smarter digital working. Effective document collaboration was just the first step in leveraging Jive’s capabilities: the CEO and his team are now looking at how to further embed Jive as the people-centric ‘hub’ of all operations through a Jive-hosted digital library used for sharing official documentation relating to a multitude of business functions and departments.