Launching and embedding a new global social intranet across all UK operating companies

Betterworking supported the UK Internal Communications team with strategic narrative development, launch and adoption communications campaign incorporating educational collateral, champion programme, and embedding use cases across multiple operating companies.


Following a decision to replace local intranets with a single IBM Connections social collaboration platform across all operating companies, Betterworking was brought in to work with the Head of Internal Communications to define the strategy, narrative and launch communications programme.

The AXA ONE campaign had to be integrated with a coinciding new brand launch, incorporating the appropriate messaging and design.


Working with IS, HR IC, and Brand – and through a series of key stakeholder interviews and workshops – Betterworking worked with Caroline to pull together the strands of a complex backdrop into a coherent narrative. We identified the macro elements such as a changing competitive landscape, changing customer behaviours, and the changing needs of AXA and its people.

Through the lens of evolving IC and collaboration needs we created a compelling framework to talk about new technology driven change. The narrative highlighted what was needed from people at all levels in terms of more collaborative behaviours. This was translated into a creative campaign with associated educational collateral.


The clear, coherent strategic narrative brought alignment of purpose and direction to all key senior leaders and functions involved, as well as providing a clear framework for communicating to all stakeholders, right down to what is in it for employees in diverse roles.

The UK launch of AXA ONE went ahead on time and has been seen as best practice elsewhere across the group. The pre-launch attendance and engagement of employees was considerable, as was the involvement of champions. We liaised with the IT team in order to drive real ROI from considerable IT costs, developing a social intranet launch campaign which seamlessly delivered the appropriate messaging and branding.