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Introduction to Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva combines learning, communications, knowledge and insights in an employee experience platform built on Microsoft 365 and accessible through Teams.

Discover the new capabilities available with your Microsoft 365 subscription and find out how to take advantage of these opportunities with our Introduction to Microsoft Viva service.

Microsoft Viva is a platform in itself, with separate modules addressing different aspects of the employee experience. Using fully featured demo environments and comprehensive Microsoft content we’ll get you up to speed on the new capabilities now available and the steps needed to successfully launch and adopt Microsoft Viva, including:

  • Interactive demos of the core Viva modules – Learning, Insights, Topics and Connections – and previews of new Viva capabilities in the pipeline;
  • Viva licensing – which capabilities come with your existing Microsoft 365 licensing, which require premium licensing, and what additional benefits you’ll get for your investment;
  • Opportunities and potential use cases for Viva within your organisation;
  • Technical prerequisites and IT considerations for configuring and deploying Viva;
  • Roadmap and steps for planning, designing, configuring, launching and adopting the various Viva modules.

Introduction to Microsoft Viva can be delivered as a condensed half-day session or as a longer in-depth engagement. Funded options are available for eligible Microsoft customers, please enquire.

Suitable for IT and Microsoft 365 project teams with responsibility for managing and supporting adoption of Microsoft 365. Also for business stakeholder teams interested in the specific capabilities of each Viva module – including HR, Learning & Development, Internal Communications, Employee Engagement and Knowledge Management teams.

Comprehensive introduction to the capabilities, opportunities, prerequisites, and steps for deploying and adopting Microsoft Viva:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Viva Employee Experience Platform and modules
  • Demos of Microsoft Viva modules and capabilities
  • Premium licensing options and comparisons
  • Envisioning and identification of focus areas and potential use cases
  • Technical prerequisites and considerations
  • Adoption and change management considerations and best practices
  • Implementation and adoption roadmap.

Service can be configured according to requirements and budget. Sessions are delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams.

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