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Working in Microsoft Teams

Take full advantage of Microsoft Teams as a platform for collaboration and the gateway to an ever-expanding range of capabilities and experiences.

With hybrid working now the norm employees are spending more time in Teams and related apps including SharePoint, but many are held back by low awareness of what’s available and by inconsistent usage across the organisation.

Working in Microsoft Teams is our service focused on maximising the value of Teams for end-users and your organisation. We help you define how Teams will be used for various modes of collaboration, how SharePoint will be used for document management, and how Teams will be used as a gateway to other apps and experiences including Microsoft Viva. This informs Teams and SharePoint architecture and any necessary restructuring, governance or configuration changes. We then help plan and deliver end-user training, and can also provide ongoing Adoption Support to help employees fully embrace the capabilities and opportunities of Microsoft Teams.

For organisations either looking to proactively establish good governance and working practices for Microsoft Teams, or needing to address issues caused by inconsistent and ungoverned use of Teams and related services including SharePoint.

Suitable for IT and Microsoft 365 project teams with responsibility for managing and supporting adoption of Microsoft 365, and for business stakeholder teams looking to standardise and improve the use of Teams and SharePoint in specific areas of the organisation.

Working in Microsoft Teams can be delivered as a full service or focused on specific requirements. Modules include:

  • Assessment of existing Teams landscape, including governance model and use of SharePoint for documents
  • Envisioning future use of Teams to support business requirements and preferred ways of working
  • Defining standardised use of Teams and SharePoint based on identified use cases
  • Identification and implementation of Teams and SharePoint admin centre changes
  • Teams governance model – including request and provisioning, naming conventions, roles & responsibilities and Teams lifecycle management
  • Teams app capabilities, opportunities and governance
  • End-user guidance materials and training
  • Ongoing end-user Adoption Support

The service can be adapted and configured according to requirements and budget. Sessions are delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams.

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