Adoption Kickstarter

Boost user adoption, gain control of Teams and SharePoint, and increase ROI from your Microsoft 365 investment with our Adoption Kickstarter service.

Specifically designed for established Microsoft 365 customers experiencing low user adoption or issues arising from poor governance and visibility of Microsoft 365 usage, particularly Teams and SharePoint.

Our Adoption Kickstarter service uses data-driven insights and targeted recommendations to fine-tune your strategy, kickstart adoption and help you better manage your Microsoft 365 environment.

  • In-depth analysis of Teams and SharePoint site landscape, admin centre configurations and current usage to inform governance decisions and future adoption strategy.
  • Identify business, end-user and IT requirements and map to Microsoft 365 capabilities available with your licensing.
  • Define a plan for resolving current issues, implementing governance controls and driving increased end-user adoption.

For Microsoft 365 customers facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • Low adoption and usage of Microsoft 365 services beyond Outlook, core Office apps and basic use of Teams and SharePoint
  • Proliferation of Teams and SharePoint sites with limited visibility or administrative controls
  • Low awareness of the Microsoft 365 services and capabilities available to users
  • Concerns over the value provided by Microsoft 365 relative to the costs of licensing and support.

The Adoption Kickstarter service is suited to IT or Microsoft 365 project / champion teams with responsibility for managing, supporting and promoting adoption of Microsoft 365 within their organisation.

Assessment, analysis, envisioning, guidance and adoption planning to kickstart your adoption of Microsoft 365. Modules include:

  • Adoption and usage data analysis (using Microsoft 365 admin centre reports including Productivity Score)
  • Teams and SharePoint site landscape review and analysis
  • Assessment of current Teams and SharePoint admin centre configurations
  • Review of Microsoft 365 adoption strategy and supporting systems and processes
  • Envisioning and identification of business, end-user and IT requirements and priorities for Microsoft 365 going forward
  • Feedback and recommendations (including technical, governance, end-user support, adoption strategy and focus areas)
  • Targeted demos of relevant Microsoft 365 services and capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 adoption roadmap and next steps planning.

The service can be adapted and configured according to requirements and budget. Sessions are delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams.

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