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We are experts in collaboration and business process automation using Microsoft 365 technologies.

As working practices and workplaces adjust to a more digital, remote and flexible future, organisations are increasingly turning to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and the wider Microsoft 365 toolkit to help facilitate and support this transition. We help you adopt and use these tools effectively, to deliver the outcomes you’re targeting and maximise value from your investment.

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Microsoft 365

Office 365 and now the wider Microsoft 365 suite are the industry standard for enterprise productivity and collaboration, with Teams the centrepiece of Microsoft’s vision and roadmap.

Together, these applications and services have the potential to transform the way you work – but more often than not, individuals and organisations benefit from only a fraction of the capabilities available. The most ‘transformative’ Microsoft 365 capabilities are also the most challenging to adopt, requiring fundamental change to individual and collective ways of working.

Value from your investment

Betterworking has been helping Microsoft customers adopt and use Office 365 since 2013. We know the tools inside out – but more importantly we know how to contextualise and apply these tools to your requirements, opportunities and priorities.

We provide the expertise and the support to help your workforce and your organisation adopt and benefit from the capabilities available through your Microsoft 365 subscription – putting your investment to work to transform productivity, collaboration and operational efficiency.

Microsoft Partner with Microsoft-accredited consultants.
Experienced and dedicated team, committed to your success.
Focused on benefits, outcomes
and business value.

Meeting your objectives

We help you leverage your Microsoft 365 investment to support a range of productivity, collaboration and business process scenarios – helping your workforce and your organisation transition to a more digitally-focused way of working.

What we do


The Betterworking team is ready to help you unlock value and do more with your Office 365 investment.

Whether you’re just starting out with Microsoft 365 or introducing new capabilities such as Teams and SharePoint, Betterworking can help. Get in touch with us today.

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