Our services

Our services are aligned to our 5 step collaborative planning and delivery framework. So whichever stage you’re at, and whatever level of support you require, we can provide the right blend of services and expertise to meet your needs.

Link to: Our approach - AssessUnderstand your starting point, map out your opportunities, build the business case

Cultural current and future landscape analysis

Review and analysis of your organisational culture (globally and locally) from a collaboration perspective, including the drivers and enablers such as leadership behaviours, pay, reward, recognition, corporate strategy communications, narrative

Technology current and future landscape analysis

Review and analysis of your collaborative tools and infrastructure in place (globally and locally) from organisational, user and technological perspectives

External benchmarking

Technology assessment against relevant market leading tools and / or functionality, steering your development roadmap in line with your specific business outcomes and best practice.

Collaborative readiness assessment

Combined ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ collaborative technology and culture mapping onto the collaborative readiness matrix, providing a solid framework for defining your strategic roadmap.

Business case development

Building a compelling business case to help you secure budget and move your project forward, including initial use case identification.


Link to: Our approach - PlanCollaborate with the right people to agree your strategy and plan

Objective setting and strategic roadmap development

Objective setting / sense checking, stakeholder alignment and definition of your strategy.

Programme design

Programme / project design, planning, project management, workstream alignment / coordination.

Use case identification and planning

Giving you a deep understanding and detailed plan to ensure success of key high value strategic ‘use cases’, providing focus for launch activities, and subsequent measurable case studies for embedding platform and behaviours.

Stakeholder communications planning

Message and narrative definition, media and audience segmentation for effective pre-launch, launch and post-launch communications planning.

Education planning

Developing your education strategy and resources  (both on and off-platform), both in terms of functional platform usage and practical behaviour change. includes training, drop-in clinics, stakeholder coaching, champion communities and online help areas – we work with you to integrate education into your communications for increased impact and relevance.

Governance framework planning

Governance structure set-up, steering group formation, cross-functional facilitation, reporting, best practice sharing, inappropriate content processes, moderation guidelines, access management, security.

Community management planning

Bespoke community management planning, from identifying, supporting and developing your community managers to build your in-house capability, to providing the relevant outsourced services you require. Identification of other key community owners using research and platform data – linkage to Champions programmes and other initiatives.

Measurement framework and KPIs

We recommend KPIs and reporting frameworks based on your desired organisational outcomes. Agreement / alignment of key stakeholders behind objectives and outcomes, KPI’s, data sources, reporting formats and dashboards.

Technology selection and vendor management

Leverage our relationships with vendors to help you every step of the way from requirement gathering to shortlisting, helping you understand the vendor options, case studies, designing pilot programmes, and outcome focused recommendations based on organisational, user and tech requirements.


Link to: Our approach - Activate

Launch your programme, build awareness, drive adoption

Platform set-up & branding

Design/branding of your platform(s), potentially some configuration, working in partnership with your IT team and other tech partners as required.

Early adopter key stakeholder coaching

We develop or deliver coaching for your key stakeholders, senior leaders, CEO’s, community managers, any users who would like to accelerate their learning through best practice.  We deliver bespoke sessions from getting an HRD up to speed on latest trends and best practice, to coaching a CEO on what this all means and how they can get involved.

Champion programmes

We design your champion programme, helping you harness the resources of others in your organisation who ‘get it’ and can accelerate behaviour change and help other users. We design programmes, introductory sessions, champions packs and other tools as well as, critically, helping you identify and onboard the right kind of champions.

Comms campaign management

We deliver high impact adoption campaigns, hard wired into your corporate strategy and brand narrative, and using the right mix of ‘off-platform’ channels and on-platform viral activities. We bring our award winning experience to ensure you integrate the right balance of strategy, creativity , employee education, user generated content and measurement to achieve success.

Use case optimisation

Prioritise and ensure success of your use cases, using data driven best practice methods. Focus your resources and efforts on the right activities. ‘Harness’ the right colleagues, and design the right campaigns to deliver and demonstrate success and ROI back to the organisation to fuel further adoption and investment.

Integrated education activities

Integrate e-learning resources, training sessions, how to guides and other education tools into your strategic use cases and campaigns to get the right information to the right users at the right time (ie when they want and need it).

Data-driven user adoption

We segment your user base, taking into account varying behaviour and functionality adoption rates and ‘participation ceilings’ (eg spectator, contributor, or creator). Use platform and other (research) data to understand your different user types, and encourage them to take part in ways that are appropriate to them.


Link to: Our approach - EmbedConsolidate early successes, build internal capability, create a sustainable model

Strategy review & recalibration

Activation phase assessment and subsequent realignment of original strategy and objectives. We use data analysis and other research methods to inform and re-calibrate your direction as you look ahead to embed your programme and platform(s).

Successful use case replication and scaling

We identify your great ‘use cases’, both ‘centrally’ driven, and organic / user generated successes (in line with the wider strategic outcomes), so you can roll out desired behaviours and scale successes across the business. Share success, prove ROI, publish compelling case studies and get these in front if the right people to accelerate wider roll out.

Ongoing adoption campaigns

We secure the health and ongoing adoption of your collaboration tools through continual community management and nurturing. This includes ongoing internal marketing, education and behaviour change campaigns. We help you to ramp up these activities to move beyond your relatively easy-to-onboard ‘early adopters’ to really embed your programme in the business.

Enterprise community management support

We build your in-house community management capability, sharing best practice from other organisations, and allow you to outsource whatever tasks you need help with to support your community’s growth. We ensure your success by letting you focus on the right activities and play to everyone’s strengths.

Leadership coaching

We deliver tailored one-to-one or group coaching and support for your leaders, many of whom will have fears and questions about new ways of working. We bring experience of coaching leaders at the highest levels, and share ‘war stories’ and best practice to make even the most fearsome leader excited as to  new possibilities.

Capability building (coaching & training)

We build your in-house capability quickly wherever you may need development, so you can minimise outsourcing costs. We deliver tailored coaching and training for all aspects of your programme. Tap into our award winning experience of best practice across leading organisations to ensure you get it right, and avoid mistakes others have kindly made for you.


Link to: Our approach - TrackMeasure progress, report to key stakeholders, refine your activities

Platform analytics

We provide in depth data analysis from the back end of your platforms. Often front end tools only tell a fraction of the story, we can extract data from the platform to produce bespoke reports in line with your objectives and outcomes.

Tactical reporting (data-driven community management)

We deliver bespoke reporting and recommended actions for community managers to help focus time and investment on the right areas in line with your wider business strategy. Incorporate user participation segmentation, and activity reports in use case (and other key) communities.

Integrated data analysis

We use advanced techniques to map different data sets to your platform data (e.g. employee engagement survey data, and/or other organisational data such as org structure) to provide detailed network analysis and evidence of activity trends to share with your community so it can better understand itself and grow.

Deep-dive qualitative research

We carry out deep qualitative research across your different internal audiences, either via the platform itself, or via other traditional channels (interviews, surveys, focus groups) to build wider understanding, and crucially include people who aren’t using your platform so you can understand why.

User research

We surface employee insight from post-launch surveys designed to build a detailed picture across the board, from heavy users to non-users and everyone in between, so you can inform and re-calibrate your strategy incorporating real employee experience.

On-platform surveys/polls

We help you post the right questions at the right time via polls using your on-platform functionality, or put in place a calendar so you can plan an ongoing learning relationship with your employee community.

Stakeholder reporting (for steering group/exec/community)

We bring our experience presenting to senior leadership to design and deliver detailed reports and dashboards for sharing online, or as face-to -face presentations with key stakeholders.

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