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Welcome to Betterworking.

We are a digital workplace consultancy. We help you take advantage of cloud, mobile and social technologies in the workplace: to support and accelerate your operations; to engage and mobilise your employees; and to transform your IT delivery model.

Building your user-centric digital workplace

Digital workplace technology offers so much: transforming the working experience for employees through greater mobility, flexibility and productivity; and providing a platform for operational effectiveness and competitive advantage.
But for many organisations this potential goes untapped: either the tools are place but with low awareness and poor adoption; or new technology is needed but you’re unsure where to invest and how to get the best results.
We help you understand what’s needed and what’s possible, then provide services to plan, build and optimise your digital workplace around your end-user and organisational requirements.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed around the outcomes and benefits we typically deliver for our customers. These can be combined to support larger-scale programmes and integrated digital workplace initiatives.

Support & Enhance your Operational Initiatives

Accelerate your operational initiatives by plugging into your organisation’s digital workplace

Mobilise, Empower & Engage your Employees

Create an exceptional employee experience with the latest digital workplace technology

Transform your End-User Computing Environment

Leverage ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ to upgrade end-user capabilities and transform IT delivery

Our Work

We’ve delivered digital workplace solutions for organisations large and small, domestic and international, and across a wide range of industry sectors.

"Betterworking helped us understand that the real success of an enterprise social system lay as much in driving collaborative behaviour as in landing the technology itself."

Kate DainesHR Director, VAX UK

“We appointed Betterworking because they offered a no-nonsense approach to identifying the best-fit enterprise social network for Virgin Trains."

Drew McMillanHead of Internal Communications & Innovation, Virgin Trains

“Betterworking’s blend of social platform, internal comms and collaboration experience really helped us get the positioning right for AXA ONE.”

Caroline BerdeauxHead of Internal Communications, AXA UK

"Betterworking helped us to evaluate our current digital awareness across the UK & Ireland to plan for a digital tomorrow and to identify the key steps needed to get us there.”

Luke O’ConnellDanone Digital & CRM Team

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